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Where Can I Find Sober Living in Oregon?

An essential purpose for electing to live in a sober living home after substance abuse treatment is that it provides recovering addicts with responsibility. There are rules to adhere to and a arranged way of living which allows them get their life back on track and offers a little more normalcy to their daily routine.  All sober living homes have common specifications that may consist of getting and maintaining a job, showering yourself and maintaining your personal hygiene each day and being considerate towards employees as well as the other residents in the home. The state of Oregon provides several alternatives to select from so you may be asking, “Where can I find sober living in Oregon?”

Choosing a Good sober living in Oregon

Here are a few aspects you can consider while picking sober living in Oregon:

Seek Out a Helpful Sober Living Home

In certain sober living homes in Oregon, the mind-set is not as encouraging as it could or should be. They may act as though a person's addiction can never really be cured and have not tolerance for relapse. Relapse for some sober living homes means you have to move out. The issue is, this is a very insecure time for individuals in recovery - and sometimes having a relapse (and learning from that mistake) is a part of recovery. A individual's recovery may not go as easily as everyone desires, and there should be assistance and space for forgiveness and a second chance. Look for sober living in Oregon that does not judge you for your mistakes and encourages you in your sobriety in a supportive nature.

Living Arrangements

As a person in recovery from substance abuse, you will need to deal with yourself. There will be mental or psychological problems that you will be in the process of resolving - aspects that may have triggered you to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. While you don’t need a mansion, you do need a decent place to live that is safe, clean, and comfortable. Your residing agreements could end up being a serious diversion to your recovery if you end up in a dump where you are very unhappy.


Obviously you need to consider what price you can manage for sober living in Oregon. Your funds will always be a consideration when it comes to your living arrangements. There are certain sober living homes in Oregon which have a higher per month price, because certain amenities and the location can demand higher rent. There are other sober living homes which are less costly which are also in a secure, relaxed atmosphere - there just may not be the same amenities.

Just bear in mind that you have to live there for a little while and it has to feel like a good place.

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