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Where Can I Find Sober Living in Kentucky?

Going into sober living in a different state other than where you live can be a challenge, especially so if you are not familiar with the area. Some people choose to go to another state for drug treatment and then on to sober living so that there are no distractions to deal with while in recovery. It’s good not have to see anyone they know. You won’t have those awkward moments when people ask how you are doing or if you are staying clean. This can be a detriment to recovery if one feels that they are being scrutinized by their family and peers. There are many places for sober living in the state of Kentucky. If you were thinking maybe you would like to try sober living there, you may wonder “Where can I find sober living in Kentucky?”

The most likely cities to look for a sober living home would be in the major cities in Kentucky such as Lexington, Louisville or Bowling Greene. Some of the smaller cities may offer some options but you can start there first. You can start a Google search for “sober living in Kentucky” to get an idea of the locations in each area. Most websites give very little information other than boasting about their credentials so it’s best to call and talk to a staff member directly. They have a wealth of knowledge in their field and can answer all of your questions. They have most likely heard it all and your situation is not as unique as you think.  

If this will be your first time in a sober living home, you will want to know how the program works.

There are rules and regulations that must be followed. Some can be pretty strict about walking the straight and narrow while others may be a little more lenient. If rules are something you have a problem with than you may take that into consideration while trying to decide which one will work for you. The important thing that one needs to consider is whether or not the sober living in Kentucky they choose will be conducive to their getting better and being able to live a normal life again drug-free. The other things are trivial in comparison. They may not have the best food or the most space or the most beautiful view however a kind and caring staff can mean the world in your time of need.

There are many rehab centers that also provide sober living. This will eliminate the need to find another place to stay after treatment. This can help make the transition easier especially if you are not from Kentucky.

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