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Sober Living, Halfway House and Transitional Living Directory

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Alcohol and drug free houses (also known as sober living) are important in supporting treatment and recovery services in a community by helping recovering persons to maintain an alcohol- and drug-free lifestyle. Residents are free to organize and participate in self-help meetings or any other activity that helps them maintain sobriety. The house or its residents: do not and cannot provide any treatment, recovery, or detoxification services; do not have treatment or recovery plans or maintain case files; and do not have a structured, scheduled program of alcohol and drug education, group or individual counseling, or recovery support sessions. Persons typically become residents of an alcohol and drug free house after being in a licensed non-medical residential alcohol or other drug recovery or treatment facility. However, participation in a licensed facility is not always necessarily a prerequisite for residency.

Sober living homes are not a treatment program, rather they are typically an affordable extension of a treatment plan.  Whereas the common treatment program is approximately 28 days, halfway houses allow the individual to pursue their recovery in a structured environment at a much lower cost.  Sober living halfway houses are not a substitute for medical detox, treatment nor outpatient programs.  They are typically designed to assist an individual with creating a new structure of daily affairs in order to maintain continuous sobriety thereafter.  A sober living facility can parallel a treatment program in many cases.  While an individual is in the care of an outpatient facility or private therapist, it may be recommended to seek this type of structured living.

Sober housing is becoming more accepted as a source of relapse prevention.

Upon completing a detox or treatment program, the small commitment of time along with the low cost can often times determine whether a person will continue to maintain his or her sobriety.  Those who opt to skip this crucial piece risk a heavy chance of relapse.  It is generally good to take a small period of time to regain footing in life in a structured setting before attempting to re-enter previous life engagements such as jobs, families, unions, and other major life happenings.  Most times, these engagements are willing to allow a small time of recovery before re-entry.  Families and employers usually see the benefit of allowing this short time frame to ensure that their loved one will learn how to stay clean and sober. For more information on how to find the right sober living, be sure to fill out the contact form to request your free copy of our free eBook.

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Besides helping you find proper treatment, we also strive to educate and inform you about drug addiction and alcoholism. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a serious matter that no one should sweep under the rug. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away; instead, the problem is likely to get worse and more dangerous. On our referral site, we provide comprehensive information about drugs, various addictions, therapy and sober living. You can even use our site to learn more about DUI charges, PTSD, detox and extended care facilities.

Lack of Sleep Contributes to Addiction

One of the things that becomes apparent when you start the journey to recovery from drug abuse and addiction is that many factors contribute to the development of your disease—and these factors also affect your ability to remain sober throughout your life. Addiction is just one part of a larger problem, and without addressing the underlying issues that led to your addiction.

Addiction is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

If you’ve been suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol—or other addictions such as gambling, shopping, or eating—you may think that if you can just quit the substance or activity you’re abusing, everything will be all right; you’ll be able to find happiness and health once more.

How do you Find the Rehab Facility that’s Right for You?

If you’re an addict contemplating treatment, or the loved one of an addict in need of treatment, the number of options for detox and rehabilitation facilities can be daunting. It’s a testament to greater awareness of the underlying problems surrounding addiction that there are so many options available today, which is a very good thing.